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Debt Help Benefits


debt consolidation Become Debt Free In a matter of Months

debt consolidation Affordable Low Monthly Payments

debt consolidation Debts at a reduction of Balance

debt consolidation Help with Creditor / Collection Harassment

debt consolidation Help You Avoid Bankruptcy



  We have provided information, knowledge, and details of the program throughout be sure and fill out our free consultation form so a Specialist can contact you on a more personal basis about your specific debt. We look forward to working with you.

 Our professional certified debt arbitrators have relationships with numerous consumer-lending institutions which assures you that we will successfully engage in debt settlements on your behalf with proven success. When you hire us to engage in debt arbitration with your creditors,



Start Your Future Today & Eliminate Unwanted Credit Card Debt!

Are you tired of spending all your money on debt that will take years to pay off? Did you know if you make minimum monthly payments on $10,000 at 18% interest, it could take 33 years to pay it off!

Debt Consolidation statistics find that about 70% of the people, who obtain a debt consolidation loan, find themselves in deeper debt than they were originally within a two year period.  If you start missing payments on a debt consolidation loan, you stand to lose the asset (usually your home) that the debt consolidation loan is secured against.  Keep in mind that majority of individuals looking to go with debt consolidation companies do not even qualify for a consolidation loan due to the fact they don't own possessions of value i.e. house, car, and property. With First National Financial Group program you could qualify without having to obtain a secured loan.

The most intelligent and effective way to eliminate personal debt is through negotiation. First National Financial Group has developed a negotiation program to reduce your problem debt in the shortest amount of time possible at the lowest payments possible. This program will give you peace of mind knowing that you will become free of debt in a short period of time.


The professional team you can trust

First National Financial Group

 Debt Settlement America Headquarters


A team of First National Financial Group industry leaders with the knowledge and experience to work with your creditors will save you thousands of dollars in principle and interest that could be paid over a lifetime.  Creditors would like nothing more than for you to pay a lifetime of monthly payments but First National Financial Group is here to help you not your creditors.

  Once enrolled in our program, you will have the expertise of the entire First National Financial Group staff assisting you on a personal basis. It is important to remember that we work for you and not your creditors, so you can rest assured that we have your best interest in mind throughout the negotiation and debt process. Our debt program is truly the best method of your overwhelming debt problem. If you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck, with all of your money going to credit cards contact us. Working together, we will help you start a new future.



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